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What do you look for when choosing a new company to work with or buy from when making home improvements or adding new fixtures and fittings to make your home feel and look beautiful

We recently put this question to customers, old and new, to find out what they wanted to experience. And as you can imagine, the answers poured in and varied massively.

However, the consistent message that came back can be summed up in these three sentences.

"I want someone who will really listen to our ideas and be honest with us if they think there's a better solution"

"I want an experienced company that has the knowledge and skills to deliver true craftsmanship and design and offers a guarantee on all their work"

"I want a company that's passionate about what they do and will bend over backwards to provide us with the best quality products on time and on budget"

As you'll agree, all three are sound and sensible requests.

So, armed with all three answers - we sat down with our entire team and asked the question, "How does Shutter World match up to customer's needs?

The first reply made everyone stop and smile, "We love what we do and some might say a bit too much"

The second reply from one of our fitters also rung true, "I always take time to listen to the customer and offer some suggestions if I feel that there's a better solution, people say it's nice to get a honest opinion these days - I like that"

Finally, one of the oldest members of the team added, "We've been designing, innovating and fitting designer Plantation Shutters since 1994, so we're probably the oldest and most experienced company in the industry. That says a lot these days"

We all agreed that customers have specific needs above and beyond simply buying our products and that it was the 'human touch' that makes all the difference between one supplier and another.

At Shutter World - We care about what you think and what you need and know that's what you are looking for too.