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Plantation Shutters

What Are Plantation Shutters?
Think back on any of the classic movies you may have seen, particularly those that were about the old south in United States of America or a farmstead on the African plains; those houses always had plantation shutters on them..
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That is, in general, the style we are talking about, but to make it clearer let us look at the functionality of the shutter as well as the style they are famous the world over for.
For those living in hot and humid climates there was always an issue with allowing the air to come through the home without letting the sun come in. I know what you are thinking, this does not apply to us here in the sunny UK, but we will get to that in a minute. Ok, so how do you go about letting the air in and keeping the sun out? Plantation shutters are designed just for this task as they have horizontal slats that can be adjusted via inbuilt levers. Adjust the angle just right and you will have fresh air streaming through your home without that overly warm sunshine coming in.
So now, how does this apply to the United Kingdom? It is actually quite a simple train of thought, to be honest. Take into account that the United Kingdom is far more densely populated than the plains of Africa or the southern US ever was, and suddenly privacy becomes an issue. Now, what are you to do on those nice spring and summer days when you want to let some air into your home without leaving it open for the rest of the world to peek in? Plantation shutters are not only great at keeping out the heat, but they are also very good at stopping the prying eyes of your neighbours and others from peaking in! Of course, that is not the only reason for using them but it does add to the list of useful functions they can be used for.
Making Your House into a Home
Plantation shutters have their place in almost any design scheme and, as such, almost any home or room. Although there is a general style that plantation shutters are built to, they are also easily customized to suit your home's individual style. So if you have a barn conversion or an old English cottage, some simple yet elegant plantation shutters built from natural wood could be your answer. On the other hand, if you own a modern loft conversion in the centre of the city, you could opt for the ultra-modern plantation shutter made out of aluminium. The choices really are endless and in the end if you can dream it, we can make it.
Adding the finishing touches to a home is always going to be the most strenuous part; those little pieces that need to be there to make a home complete. For some who happen to have an eye for detail this task is often an easy one, but for the most of us a helping hand is required. If you already have an idea in mind then we will be happy to discuss it with you so it can move from being a dream into being a reality. If, on the other hand, you have not yet thought that far ahead why not take some time to browse through our range and see if something sparks your creative juices.
If you are in the position where you are currently renovating a room or building, or you happen to be one of the lucky few who are building from the ground up, we will be happy to work with your during your initial design stage to help bring the entire concept together. Call us today and find out what we can do for you and your home.