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Interior shutters.

Surprisingly, the sun is a problem in many British homes. Whether it be a piercingly low winter sunrise or a stunningly hot and sticky summers day, being inside can be an all-or-nothing experience. Curtains never help. That's like applying factor 100 sun cream and wondering why you never get even a gentle tan!

The answer is to install some stylish and immensely practical interior shutters. They quickly give you the control to filter the brightest light to a truly comfortable level. On warm days, you can open your windows, lessen the sun, yet enjoy a gentle cooling breeze. Of course, in colder times, they also help you retain more internal warmth.

The outside world can be a frustration.

You can suffer the invasion of much more noise than you wish, but also endure the annoying feeling of being spied-upon by passers-by. Interior shutters allow you to deaden the sounds of a noisy street and individual shutter control offers the level of privacy that leaves those nosy eyes to pry elsewhere.

Offering a simple alternative and terrific choices.

Heavy, dust-laden curtains really do take far too much effort to clean and rehang. Sadly, they are also really good at hiding the beauty of the windows themselves, especially those of unusual shapes or striking designs. Interior shutters require virtually no maintenance they're so simple to clean! They can also be quickly customised to add striking originality and help make any window (or glass door) a focal point in any room. They are also terrific in those bathroom and kitchen areas, taking up none of what is often a limited space.

You can enhance your home with the straight-grained elegance of white teak, the durability and style of classic craftwood painted in a shade of your choice, or opt for a plastic-coated waterproof option. As you would expect, every one of our high-quality, stylish interior shutters comes complete with long-term warranty protection against both discolouration and warping.

Allow Shutter World to help transform a room or home.

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