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There are many advantages to adding stunning-looking shutters to the windows in any home or workplace. The benefits become even more attractive if you opt for custom made designer shutters.

Made to look amazing

Let's start with the first thing that people notice - how attractive bespoke window shutters look.

You can match them perfectly to any interior design theme in your property. Using the skills of Shutter World designers and engineers, every shutter we produce is aesthetically flawless, as well as brilliantly functioning.

If you want to make a style statement in your home or business premises, designer shutters can be produced to look bold, charming, traditional, contemporary or even nautical! The choice is yours.

More benefits of made to measure designer shutters

Making your room look fabulous is not the only reason to choose bespoke window shutters though.

We make sure that they fit perfectly, which means our shutters offer you great insulation values for your home or office. Shutters to exact measurements can help you reach new levels of fuel efficiency, by keeping the heat in the room, and the cold out.

Versatility is another advantage of designer shutters. Made to fit items crafted by our expert team give you control over how much light you let in the room. They also match any ventilation variation you need.

Just as importantly to some discerning customers, with designer shutters, you can tilt the louvres to make your home or office more sound proof.

Closing beautiful styled and fitted window shutters can also add an extra level of security to your home or office.

They can even "bug proof" your room! With your shutters closed and your windows or doors open, you get delicious fresh air without intrusion from unwanted "guests"!

Multi-purpose designer shutters

This degree of flexibility - and privacy control - is not possible with alternative window dressings, such as curtains and blinds.

Don't forget too, that shutters can be ideal for doorways and room partitions too. You could use designer shutters to "zone off" storage areas or utility facilities for example, for easy access but an attractive addition to your room.

Which rooms are suitable for designer shutters?

Any room!

The joy of ordering bespoke window shutters is that your fabulous looking and high functioning door or window dressing can be "made to measure", for any size of frame. That includes oval, porthole, bay or arched windows.

Choose colours and finishes for your designer shutters to perfectly match living rooms, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or conservatories.

Designer shutters "open" a world of possibilities for your home or business premises.

Contact the team at Shutter World for a no-obligation chat and a quote to make designer shutters an elegant, convenient and highly effective addition to your property.

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