Shutter World offer a variety of catches and magnet fixings in order that your shutters sit neatly within their frames but some installations require more specialised hardware. Velux windows, skylights and conservatory roofs can all be dressed with our beautiful shutters but due to their angle the weight of the panels may prove too much for standard fixings.

To overcome this issue Shutter World offer pre-fitted roof catches which are both stylish and ingeniously designed. Some catches for shutters can look out of place compared to the smooth finish of the shutter itself but our press and release catch is functional without affecting appearance. The release knob is fitted into the shutter rail (see picture one) that when open appears to be a standard knob with which to open or close the shutter.

On the opposite side of the rail and hidden from view is a small catch which is operated by pressing the knob. Picture two shows the catch sitting flush inside its casing with the knob in the open position, whereas picture three displays the position of the knob and catch when engaged. The catch plate is fitted to the frame of the shutter and is available in a variety of colours in order to best match the overall scheme.

As can be seen in picture four, the catch plate is unobtrusive when the shutter is open meaning the stylish finish of your Shutter World shutters is in no way compromised.

With the complete mechanism being contained within the shutter itself no additional fixing is required to the window frame or reveal other than for the shutter frame itself. And as it is pre-fitted and checked in our factory it will always line up perfectly, providing a secure roof catch with all of the quality you would expect from a Shutter World product.

Shutter-roof-catch 1
Shutter-roof-catch 2
Shutter-roof-catch 3
Shutter-roof-catch 4


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