Shutter World shutters are renowned for their contemporary style and unrivalled quality, but many people are unaware of the security benefits that they can also offer.

The adjustable louvres offer plenty of privacy, but at Shutter World we also offer the option of pre-fitted shutter bolts which allow the panels to be locked shut.

This option means that the shutters can be secured while the windows behind are left open which is ideal in warm weather when you want ventilation but without compromising security.

Not only does this option give reassurance that uninvited guests are less likely to be able to get in, it also means that adventurous children or pets are less likely to make an unwanted escape.

This is particularly useful when dressing the windows of rooms above ground level or in a child's bedroom.

The bolts themselves are fitted within our factory and then tested to ensure they function neatly and without hindering the shutter itself.

As you would expect from a Shutter World product they are designed with a strong emphasis on style as well as supreme practicality and their small size belies their strength and workmanship.

The sliding catch is housed within the stile of the shutter as can be seen in the pictures below.

They are measured and located in order to fit flush within the wood ensuring that the finish of your Shutter World shutters remains as smooth as ever.

The catch is located in the shutter frame (as can be seen in picture three) and again they are precision engineered to sit perfectly within the housing.

The bolts are priced individually meaning you can choose to secure as many panels as you wish and their smart design ensures added security for your home but without affecting the overall look of your Shutter World shutters.

Shutter-bolt-Option 1
Shutter-bolt-Option 2
Shutter-bolt-Option 3
Shutter-bolt-Option 4


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