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At Shutter world we believe that any window can be dressed with shutters no matter how hard to reach. With motorised shutters we have the ability to cover skylights, landing windows or the top frames of double height windows with beautiful, fully functional shutters.

Remote control shutters enable you to open and close the louvres without over stretching or even having to get out of your chair. Choose from a variety of different settings in order to have complete control over the light levels and your own privacy.

The remote control itself operates on a radio frequency that is effective at a range of 20 metres (65 feet) indoors even with obstructions. It is also vibration sensitive meaning it will automatically turn on when you pick it up.

Each panel can be operated individually or all the shutters can be placed on equal settings and one control unit can operate any motor unit within range.

New technology even enables you to link the shutters with a computer via a USB link in order to have fully programmable timed settings so that the shutters open or close without you even being at home.

This has enormous security benefits as the shutters can be programmed to regularly adjust should you be on holiday giving the impression that someone is always in.

Shutter world can offer either battery powered shutters or solar powered shutters. The solar panels can be positioned to gain maximum efficiency from available sunlight whereas the batteries are rechargeable and a smart battery indicator will warn you if the power levels are getting low.

Shutters are becoming ever more fashionable within modern interior design and window dressing and with their new range of remote control shutters Shutter world are able to combine classic design with contemporary technology no matter where the window is.

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