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Shutter World featured in 60 Minute Makeover show

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We're proud to have our shutters featured on the popular '60 Minute Makeover' show, as it's an indication of the quality and appearance of our durable shutters. Take a few minutes to view the show extract above to gain some understanding of the reasons our shutters have become the UK's number one.

You'll be surprised to note the homeowner featured in the show was most impressed by our American-style shutters. It's also easy to note just how effective our shutters can be for creating a chic, yet intimate, appeal in rooms, particularly bedrooms where privacy is a major consideration.

Shutters are a modern alternative to blinds or curtains, and can easily be raised or lowered to suit your requirements for light and shade. Check our entire range of unique shutters to see just how they can brighten any interior of the home.

Our line of hardwood Java shutters is an absolutely ideal selection for living areas or office spaces. Java shutters add contemporary appeal to rooms and make utmost use of available space. The Sumatra line of white teak shutters can tie up interior decoration throughout any home or business, creating a clean decorative line throughout rooms to build a cohesive whole.

Our team of interior designers is particularly thrilled with the durability of Bermuda shutters, which are available in so many attractive colours. We provide Bermuda, painted MDF shutters in 28 different colours, to complement or tone with interior decorations perfectly.

These shutters feature a polypropylene sleeve coating which is very easy to clean and hardwearing. Our Antigua range of MDF shutters is also extremely durable, you'll see these shutters will enhance the appearance of any kitchen or bathroom.

All the shutters we supply are carefully selected by interior designers employed by Shutter World. This means they are reflective of the very latest trends and styles, yet also provide the durability required for a long life.

Shutter World is proud of the durability and quality of all the shutters we supply. Our small team of interior design experts researches all shutters currently on the market to source the styles and designs most appropriate for UK homeowners and business premises. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our high quality and popular shutters.

They're a truly modern alternative to blinds or curtains and ensure a contemporary aesthetic while maximising their appearance and eliminating the clumpy look traditionally associated with curtains.

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