Traditional Plantation Shutters

Shutter World is proud to provide a stunning range of interior shutters for the UK domestic market. There are four styles to choose from, including a choice of materials, colours and louvre sizes. We are confident that we have window covers for your home that will be long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and amazingly functional.

There are several reasons why shutters are a better choice than curtains or blinds. No other cover offers such a fantastic combination of shading and cooling in hot months whilst still being insulating and warm at cold times of the year. They will also help to cut the amount of noise that filter into your property from outside. No other option offers better privacy and flexibility.

The biggest advantage of shutters is the amount of maintenance and upkeep they need. Where curtains need washing and blinds require regular dusting, a shutter only needs cleaning periodically. They won't fade with exposure to UV rays and the strong frames mean they'll never warp and lose shape. In fact, having them can give your windows more structural strength and prevent them from warping.

Our traditional plantation shutters are individually created for each window. By choosing made to measure window covers you are guaranteed full coverage and a high quality finish. They also help you to avoid the arduous task of trying to find suitable curtains or blinds. Shutter World can create products to suit any shaped window, regardless of the size.

Shutters are a luxurious product that can add great style to any room. Our Java range is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they are co-polymer coated to make them 100% waterproof. The Bali range is coated in polypropylene and is available in 28 shades so you can choose the right colour for each room. We can provide products to suit angled, arched or square windows. Options are even available for bays and conservatories.

Traditional plantation shutters will make your home more stylish whilst also helping to protect the environment. Each one is made from specially sourced timbers. Their longevity makes your property more sustainable because you won't have to worry about changing your window covers every few years.

At Shutter World you can find beautiful made to measure products at great prices. To find out more and view a gallery of images please browse our website. A quick quote form is also available on the site if you want to get an idea of prices. If you have any questions you can call us on 08707 545 300.