Skylight Shutters

Traditional curtains just aren't always an option, what with the increasing number of skylights that have been incorporated into extensions and loft conversions in the modern quest for natural light. However, there are times when we need to shut out that light or simply want to stop others seeing in. Shutter World can help.

Skylight shutters are an elegant, high-tech and minimalist alternative to curtains. Shutter World's signature shutters are ideal for Velux and Fakro-style windows and are designed to fit directly to the glass and frame. So you can open and close them as if they aren’t even there. Plus when it comes to cleaning, the shutter simply unclips for the ultimate in convenience.

Shutter World also offers a remote control system that is ideal for skylights in high ceilings or windows that are inaccessible. There is no hard-wiring involved and a battery pack is mounted to the back of the shutter, which saves on electrical costs and means that the shutter can still be removed for cleaning.

The shutter is controlled with a remote handset that can control a number of shutters at once and includes a timer that can control the position of the louvres according to the time of day. This allows precise control of the amount of light entering a room during the day and can block out severe sunlight, or even maintain privacy during the day if a neighbouring building overlooks the skylight in question.

Click on picture below to download fitting instuctions

Skylight shutters designed to fit velux and Fakro windows