Plantation Shutters

Adding a stylish yet functional element to your home can be hard. Many home furnishings look stylish but do not provide the functionality you need. Plantation Shutters can bring both to your home. Keeping the elegance and practicality of shutters which were used on plantations in the deep south of America and ranches throughout the dry arid environment of Africa and Australia, Shutter World brings this small part of frontier glamour to the UK.

Shutters became common place on plantation houses and ranches in America, Africa and Australia around the late 1600s. With the heat and dryness of these new frontiers the main struggles of these environments, settlers had to find functional ways to live in these arid conditions. From this, plantations started using wooden shutters, designed specifically for hot environments; they can be closed slightly to stop the sun coming in but at the same time allows air out, helping keeping your home cool. Today Plantation Shutters are used around the world in hot and humid climates for the same reasons as 400 years ago.

At Shutter World we have been supplying and installing Plantation Shutters all over the UK for over 25 years. Although the UK doesnt need shutters for the same climate control reasons as many other countries, shutters can provide a numerous range of other benefits as well as adding to the aesthetics of your home. Our wide range of shutters comes in a variety of styles and colours making them the perfect addition to any home.

Although temperature control is not a main factor in the UKs popularity of shutters as in many countries they can be just as practical in a range of other ways. Shutters offer greater degree of privacy even when open, the degree of how much you want your shutters open is controlled by a in-built lever, meaning you can adjust your shutters to let air and some light through without having everyone see in, another one of the main benefits shutters provide is that they can fit all windows shapes. Incredibly versatile, window shutters can be used in places where traditional window coverings dont fit.

From arched windows, tall windows, angled windows, wardrobes, octagon shaped windows and even portholes, shutters can provide beautiful solutions for every home. Shutters also are great insulators, keeping heat in during winter months and by being made from absorbent natural wood, they can also provide sound insulation and dampen background noise.

As well as being functional shutters can add character to your home and look great with every style of interior. From traditional wooden shutters to contemporary aluminium shutters, here at Shutter World there is a design for everyone. We offer shutters in 6 different materials, offering beautiful finishes from deep wooden lustres to fresh modern colours. Once you have decided shutters would be the ideal addition to your home, ordering from us couldnt be easier. All you need to do is enter your windows measurements in to our online quotation form, get a quote and call one of our friendly team.

After you contact us we will visit your home to complete a detailed survey and discuss which shutters would suit your home and needs the best. All of our shutters are made to measure and are only manufactured once you are completely happy with their design. At Shutter World we are passionate about providing our customers with excellent service and quality shutters that are ideal for their home as well as being manufacture and installed to the highest possible standards. So why not give us a call on 08707 545 300 and find out how shutters can enhance your home today.