The rich history of the Northumberland towns of Morpeth , Alnwick and Rothbury make them desirable places to visit, and even more desirable places to live. Morpeth's rich history as a market town continues with a reputation as a sophisticated retail centre today. The monthly farmers' market attracts visitors from miles around, and if your tastes run to the more cultured, the 13th century Chantry houses the town's bagpipe museum. However, one disadvantage of living in the far north of England is the weather; in the depths of winter, curtains on their own just won't cut the mustard, and for Morpeth, shutters are a consideration.

Further north is the town of Alnwick, with a castle dubbed as the "Windsor of the North". Not only the home of the aristocratic Percy family for over seven centuries, Alnwick Castle doubles as a certain boy wizard's school. It would take a certain kind of magic to keep out the whistling winter winds this far north, and like Morpeth, in Alnwick, shutters are the order of the day not just to keep out bitter chill, but to cut down the brightness of the sun both in winter and in summer.

In fact, for the county as a whole, in Northumberland shutters are the ideal way to keep fuel costs down whilst adding durable good looks to your home. Whatever your colour scheme, plantation shutters will be available in a toning or contrasting shade. If in doubt, consult an expert - shutters can be made not just for standard construction windows, but for more unusual sizes and shapes. The ultimate in easy to maintain home d├ęcor, shutters don't need expensive cleaning solutions. Simply wipe down with a clean, damp cloth, and your shutters will appear as good as new for many years to come.

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Alnwick Castle