Controlled by Romans, Saxons, and Danes throughout its history, the Newcastle and Gateshead area has always been synonymous with taking a strong stand; from resisting the Norman invaders in the 11th century, to providing strong border support against the Scots right through to the Tudor and Stuart period. Now a centre of culture and with more theatres per head than anywhere else in the UK, the Newcastle and Gateshead area is a draw not just for those that are looking for world-class events, but for those that want to immerse themselves fully by moving to the area.

Also a university town, with a premier league football club, and boasting the largest shopping centre in Europe, the Newcastle and Gateshead area also boasts miles of fine beaches with coveted Blue Flag status. However, having miles of fine beaches doesn’t necessarily mean endless year-round sunshine, and coastal winds whistling through your home can mean massive increases in energy bills to deal with them and still manage to remain comfortable and warm.

However, there are practical solutions which can not only help to make massive reductions in your winter energy bills, but also make your home a more pleasant place to be on the hottest summer days. Heavy curtains are a good start, but for homes in the border areas of Newcastle and Gateshead, shutters provide a useful double-whammy, eliminating the chill that even double glazing can’t fully prevent, and keeping glare out of living rooms on bright, sunny days all year round.

Whatever your personal home décor tastes might be, plantation shutters are available to match or contrast with just about any colour scheme, and are low-maintenance enough - a quick wipe over with a damp cloth to remove dust is enough - to ensure fuss-free good looks and reduced energy bills for years to come.

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