Roman Manchester grew to become the first industrialised city. The Bridgewater Canal opened in 1761 to transport coal to stoke the fires of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester, bringing with it migrants to work in the textile mills of “Cottonopolis”. The world’s first railway opened in 1830, between Liverpool and Manchester, and the Manchester Ship Canal opened in 1894, allowing ocean-going ships direct access to the city.

Chetham’s Library was founded in 1653 to bring education to the working class. Poverty was endemic, and worsened in Victorian times. Frederick Engels recounted the state of the city in his 1844 book, “The Condition of the Working Class”.

Thankfully, modern Manchester is a thriving city by day and by night, with many bars and restaurants to choose from. Manchester University has the biggest urban campus in the UK. The Metropolitan University is a much younger institution with outlying campuses. Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs are world famous, and the city houses the Velodrome, home to British Cycling.

The nearby Pennine hills give some shelter from severe winter storms, but that doesn’t mean the city escapes freezing temperatures with snow and ice, and in summer the urban heat island effect can make the city feel very uncomfortable, especially at night. Manchester shutters give a solution to the high cost of heating in winter and the need to keep cool on sweltering days.

Manchester shutters have a number of useful functions: they keep your home secure from overlooking neighbours and prying eyes, they keep the winter chill out and they eliminate the glare of strong sunlight and rising outside temperatures. Opening windows and shutters quickly ventilates rooms, allowing light to stream in, and when needed, shutters can be closed to create a more restful, cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Manchester shutters come in many different styles of shutters and in colours that will coordinate with any décor and taste. They are low maintenance, requiring just a wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust, and they will last for years.

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