Energy Efficient Shutters

With the consistent escalation in the costs of home heating fuel and yet another steep price rise anticipated in the near future everyone is looking at a more diverse range of effective methods for heating their properties.

As an additional means for keeping fuel bills to a minimum it is prudent to have the best insulation system available. It makes good sense that once the heat has been produced making sure that it stays inside will help hold the fuel expenditure to a minimum.

Effective Solution

There is a wealth of information on hand which provides definitive proof that internal shutters can conserve heat within a property. It is estimated that fitting these can reduce heat loss by as much as 58%*. Unlike many other alternative energy options the initial costs are relatively low and the return on investment can be seen within a short time frame.

The products available from sources like Shutter World provide an excellent system for lowering energy usage. In addition to retaining heat they also capitalise on sunlight by absorbing and filtering the intensity of solar energy which assists with lowering domestic bills.

Shutter Light Control

The shutters a solar transmittance value providing complete control of the amount of light that can enter a room. This feature details precisely the volume of light with an almost zero reading indicating that no light is allowed to flow into the room once the shutter closed.

The shutters have also reflective properties. The high values on a closed unit indicates strong levels of reflectance which is perfect for keeping a room cool in the summer.

Heat Absorption

The shutters also have the capacity for solar absorptance and are able to indicate the level of heat gained while the shutter is closed. A low value will indicate minimum heat gains. This can help with energy bills by saving on costs for running cooling systems like air conditioning.

*Data Source: Thermal performance of traditional windows. English Heritage and Glasgow Caledonian University.

most heatloss in a house is through the windows

Most heat loss in a home is through the windows/glass,

Shutters can prevent a large preportion of this heat loss