Durham shutters

World Heritage Centre and jewel of the North East, Durham boasts everything the dedicated shopper and culture-seeker could wish for. The Norman Cathedral – built in a remarkable 40 years between 1093 and 1133 – houses the shrine to St. Cuthbert, and is unusual in that the Romanesque design has remained largely unchanged in the intervening time; a fate not enjoyed by other contemporary cathedral buildings.

The 900 year old castle, initially a motte and bailey construction of wooden and stone buildings, fulfilled the function of many defence structures in the north-east – keeping out the invading Scots. Like many other strategic points around the UK, the castle replaced a much earlier, pre-Norman structure.

Durham’s cobbled streets boast excellent shopping opportunities, with elegant boutiques and craft shops. It’s no wonder that in excess of half a million visitors a year flock to the city, and around 16,000 students choose to call it home and attend the university.

Should you choose to call it home, however, the wind that whistles through a student house in the depths of winter might not be acceptable. After all, they get to spend what are potentially the coldest weeks fleeing to the warmth of the family home, or taking refuge in the library, thus avoiding the worst excesses of spiralling heating costs.

For a location like Durham, shutters are the ideal addition to thick curtains to make sure that heat stays in and drafts stay out. Plantation shutters are available in pretty much any colour scheme you can imagine, and are the perfect fuss-free, easy-clean way to make sure that good looks and energy efficiency are yours for years to come. Available in hard woods, and consequently hard-wearing, your shutters also provide excellent noise insulation, privacy from neighbours, and protection from glare on sunny days.

durham cathedral shutters

Durham Cathedral