The top 3 rooms for shutter installation

Window shutters are a fantastic addition to almost any environment. At Shutter World, we believe they can improve any part of your home or workplace, thanks to their timeless style and the practical advantages that they offer. However, you may be wondering which rooms or areas can benefit most from shutters. That’s why we’ve created an ordered list of the three rooms that we believe can be most dramatically improved by shutters. If you need to choose which room of your home or workplace to install shutters in, we think you should seriously consider the entries on this list.

1. The conservatory

Conservatories are a great place to relax and spend time. However, it can be hard to control how hot they become. What’s more, because of the large amount of transparent glass used in their structure, they aren’t always as private as you might like. If you install shutters, you can adjust their slats to partially block the sun’s heat from entering, thereby maintaining a comfortable temperature in your conservatory. You can also adjust them to ensure privacy. Installing shutters in your conservatory may not be as essential as installing them in the other two rooms on this list. Nonetheless, we still strongly recommend it.

2. The office

Whether you work in a home office or one located in a conventional workplace, it’s worth fitting shutters at the earliest opportunity. Shutters allow you to control heat and light levels in a room, just by repositioning their slats. By adjusting the level of heat and light in your office, you can create an environment where you find it easy to work. In short, installing shutters in an office can help you optimise your working environment and therefore improve your efficiency.

3. The bedroom

Privacy and comfort are of tantamount importance in the bedroom. After all, your bedroom is your safe haven from the rest of the world and a place where you can relax completely. It is also the room where you are most likely to share intimate moments with your significant other. Shutters can ensure the privacy and comfort that you need in this room. Ergo, we can confidently say that the bedroom is the room that can most benefit from shutters.

Whichever room you want to install window shutters in, we can help. We offer beautiful, bespoke shutters for every room in the home and workplace. Contact us today to have yours fitted.

Enter spring with a new set of window shutters

At the time of writing, the last tendrils of winter’s chilly weather have just receded, the trees have started to blossom and the flowers have begun to bloom. Spring is finally here. Here at Shutter World, we believe the beginning of spring is the ideal time to invest in window shutters. But why exactly is this the perfect time of year to buy new shutters? There are several practical advantages associated with buying shutters at the start of spring, and we’ll discuss them in today’s blog.

1. Spring cleaning and redecoration provide a perfect opportunity

Most people choose to clean out or redecorate their homes during spring. This makes sense, as the weather in this season is neither too hot nor too cold, meaning that ordinary home-owners can work on cleaning up or redecorating without too much discomfort. If you plan on spring cleaning or redecorating your home this spring, why not take the opportunity to invest in new shutters now? You can get rid of the old ones and ensure the new ones are stylistically integrated into your new home during the spring cleaning and redecorating period. It’s a great opportunity to ensure that your new shutters are installed tidily and match the rest of your home décor.

2. Shutters help fight allergens

There are usually a lot of allergens in the air during spring, due to the high pollen count and the burst of natural activity that always accompanies the season. However, shutters can help keep allergens out of your home. Because of their solid structure, they seal out allergens when they are closed. If you suffer from allergies, it makes sense to invest in shutters at the start of spring, as they will help you cope throughout the rest of the season.

3. Shutters can help you deal with spring’s fluctuating weather

The weather is usually warm and clement on most days in spring. However, the season also has cold snaps and days of extreme heat. Shutters can be opened or closed to different degrees to help regulate your home’s temperature. It therefore makes sense to invest in them at the beginning of spring, so you’re prepared for any weather fluctuations that might occur.

Now is the perfect time of year to invest in window shutters, so contact us today to find out more.

How to choose the best colour for your interior shutters

While white remains the overwhelmingly popular colour choice for Antigua Plus & Sumatra ranges are also available in 28 different contemporary colours including classic Farrow & Ball shades, plus 20 different stains, to complement any interior. If you dare to be different, what’s the best colour choice for your interior shutters?

Match your window trim

Matching the colour of your shutters to the colour of your window frames and sills will create an elegant and seamless effect in your interiors. White shutters are therefore the perfect choice if you keep your woodwork classic in a white gloss or eggshell. However, if your window frames are stained timber, then choose a Sumatra shutter in a complementary finish.

Create a contrast

Creating contrasts can bring a very different aesthetic to your interiors. If you have dark window frames, choose a contrasting paler tone or bring a bold accent to classic white woodwork with a bold and darker hue. Don’t discount the beauty of natural wood shutters even in a more formal room – the contrast of natural wood against pale or dark woodwork can look absolutely stunning.

Match other elements in the room

This is a look that can make a huge impact in a kitchen. Whether you have wooden cabinet doors or high gloss grey or cherry red, for example, consider installing interior shutters to match for a look that can be absolutely stunning if chosen with care.

Paint it black

Black plantation shutters can look surprisingly elegant, especially in a monochrome bathroom where they add an extra level of privacy. They can also be ideal for bedrooms where you require a black out effect and can help to keep a sunny living room cool.</p>

Organic tones for a contemporary interior

Earthy browns, blues and greens can add a funky and contemporary edge to your windows. Blue shutters are a particularly bold choice than can work anywhere – choose a heritage blue for a more classic or Scandi vibe, or something more vibrant for a modern interior.

With such a wide range of choice, it can be easy to default to elegant white, but if you’re interested in using colour then contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through our range of colour options.

Creative ideas for window shutters

At Shutter World, we provide an increasing number of windows with shutters across the UK, but we know that a lot of our clients don’t leave them as we supply them. Some of the home décor tricks that have been applied to our window shutters have surprised even us!

Painting – but with a twist

Although our windows shutters can come in natural wood finishes or a wide choice of colours, many of our customers paint them themselves.

It’s a great idea for a child’s room. Panels can be painted different bright colours when a child is very young, then switched to their favourite colours as they grow older. Then as their tastes change they can be repainted once more, probably ending up in one colour before they finally leave the nest.

One great example was a child who couldn’t decide whether her favourite colour was pink or purple. So the parents painted alternate slats in each colour and the frame white. Of course, she changed her mind within a year!

Downstairs too

In the rest of the house, shutters can easily be painted to match your interior design changes. You’re effectively making your own designer shutters as you are the one in charge.

Most window shutters are easy to remove and replace so the painting can be done in a garage, shed, or even outside, making it even easier.

Applying patterns

Graphic patterns or pictures (also known as decals) of all sorts are available in sticker form that can be applied to shutters as well, although it’s a bit more finicky than with walls, which is what they’re intended for.

Make sure the shutters are closed and follow the manufacturers’ instructions to apply the design. Then carefully cut in between the slats with a sharp craft knife and fold the cut edges around the slats above and below the cut.

Imagine a huge flower spreading across your window shutters that changes shape as you open and close them – you could do almost anything!

Find your windows shutters

If this has inspired you to try something different, have a look at the gallery to pick the shutters that could act as your blank canvas, then get an instant quote to see how cost-effective they are.

Perfect shutters for perfect homes

If you are considering investing in a new set of shutters, you probably want to choose ones that will look truly amazing when they’re installed. Of course, all shutters are very stylish. However, if you want to choose the most striking shutters possible, you need to think about how they’ll work with your home’s existing aesthetic. All the shutters we sell here at Shutter World look good, but they can only look truly amazing when they match the property they are installed in. But how can you pick a set of shutters that complements your home perfectly?

1. Use the style of your home to decide on the material of your shutters

Traditional and rustic homes have a very different aesthetic to modern and contemporary homes. As a result, homes with a more timeless style need different shutters to ones with a more up-to-date decor. We suggest opting for shutters made from wood if your home has a classic look. Wood is a traditional material and will reinforce your home’s aesthetic beautifully. Similarly, your home’s traditional appearance will draw attention to the fact that your shutters are made from wood, thereby emphasising their sophisticated nature. Meanwhile, if your home has a more modern style, you may wish to consider choosing shutters made from MDF, ABS or similar materials. These materials have a smoother, sleeker and more minimalist appearance than wood, so they suit contemporary homes perfectly.

2. Let the size of your home guide your choice of colour

Dark-hued shutters can look very understated and refined in larger homes. After all, darker colours hint at both discretion and mystique. However, in a smaller space, dark colours can create a slightly cramped, constricted aesthetic. Therefore, if you own a smaller home, you should opt for lighter-hued shutters. Light colours always look vibrant and energetic. What’s more, they can make a home appear more spacious and airy.

3. Choose shutters that match your décor

Think about your home’s décor. Is it light and cheerful or more stately and grand? The answer to this question should influence the type of shutters you choose. Plantation shutters and other shutters that use slats are ideal for homes with airier, more vivacious décor. Because open slats have substantial gaps between them, they appear almost ethereal. Slat-based shutters are, therefore, ideal for homes with a carefree aesthetic. In contrast, solid panel shutters are perfect for homes with a richer, more stately décor. This is because they appear more substantial, which helps to cultivate a sense of permanence and grandeur.

Whether you already know what kind of window shutters you want or you’re still trying to make up your mind, get in touch with us for a free quote and our expert advice.

Investing in shutters on a budget

Window shutters are among the most stylish and practical window coverings available. However, if you are on a tight budget, you may be hesitant to invest in them. After all, shutters are so sleek and well-designed, it’s easy to assume that they’re also expensive. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Here at Shutter World, we believe that everyone should be able to afford shutters, regardless of their budgetary limits. Buying and maintaining a set of shutters doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, we’ve come up with a list of tips that will help you make sure that buying and maintaining a set of shutters is cost-effective.

1. Choose the right range

We offer several ranges of shutters here at Shutter World. Some are more luxurious and high-value, such as our Sumatra range of white teak, authentic wooden shutters. However, others are designed to be highly affordable. The Antigua range has our lowest-cost shutters. Antigua shutters are made of MDF instead of high-end, luxurious wood, which means that they are far cheaper to buy. Nonetheless, they still possess the same style and sense of refinement as our white teak shutters. By choosing Antigua shutters, you can stay within budget without compromising on style.

2. Talk to us before buying

In addition to supplying shutters, we also install them. This allows us to ensure that they fit your windows perfectly. Why not talk to us about your budgetary constraints before you purchase your shutters and have them installed? We can give you a quote so you can make a final, informed choice about whether you can afford a particular set of shutters or not. We may even be able to accommodate your limits and offer you suggestions and advice to help you stay on-budget.

3. Prolong the life of your shutters by painting them

You may be concerned that you will need to replace your shutters if they get chipped or start to show their age. Obviously, you want to avoid replacing your shutters too often, because doing so isn’t cost-effective. However, painting and repainting your shutters every few years can completely hide their age and make them look as good as new. By prolonging the life of your shutters in this manner, you can save money in the long-run.

Regardless of your budget, get in touch with us today to find out more about shutters.

Are waterproof shutters right for your home?

Here at Shutter World, we pride ourselves on providing a range of different shutters for different needs, environs and conditions. Waterproof shutters are one of our most popular options, as they can cope with significant levels of moisture or humidity. But are waterproof shutters the best option for you?

You may feel torn between traditional wooden or MDF shutters and waterproof shutters. Both types have their particular advantages. That’s why we’ve come up with three simple questions that will help you choose if you’re debating over traditional shutters or waterproof ones.

1. How much moisture will your shutters be exposed to?

Many environments possess a degree of moisture or humidity. However, you have to judge the level of moisture carefully. Ordinary shutters can survive small quantities of moisture, but wetter conditions, such as wetrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms, may require waterproof shutters. We can help you decide whether the area where you intend to install shutters is dry enough for standard shutters or wet enough for waterproof ones, but start by routinely monitoring how much water gathers on your windows and sills. Remember, if you want to install shutters in a place where they will be exposed to the outside air, the amount of moisture they come into contact with will change with the seasons.

2. Is the longevity of your shutters important to you?

Waterproof shutters tend to survive longer, even in environments that are only slightly damp. All shutters last for a long time, but waterproof shutters last even longer. If you intend to keep the same set of shutters for years (or even decades), you may wish to invest in waterproof shutters instead of ordinary ones. On the other hand, if you like to change your shutters every year or two, you may prefer to purchase a traditional, non-waterproofed set.

3. Does traditional style appeal to you?

If you have your heart set on shutters with a traditional, sophisticated appearance, you may wish to opt for a wooden, non-waterproofed option. Waterproofed shutters generally look a little more modern. If you’re comfortable with a more contemporary aesthetic, you might like to invest in them instead.

Regardless of whether you decide you want ordinary window shutters or waterproof ones, we will be happy to provide them. Take a look round our gallery or contact us today for more information.