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UPDATE: Patio chairs! Rejoice! Plan!

Door Sixteen

The internet, man. I love it. Five days ago, in the midst of a patio chair crisis*, I posted a list of my requirements for potential seating, and BOY—you all really came through for me. So many suggestions! Many of them wouldn’t have worked for my limited space (and limited budget), but if you’re on the hunt for patio furniture of your own, check the post out—there’s some GREAT stuff linked in the comments. THANK YOU.

*”Patio chair crisis” being the critical phrase here—yes, I recognize that this is not an actual crisis. Please allow my hyperbole in these trying times when finding the right chair in which to enjoy my outdoor porch before the planet implodes due to any number of various threats feels more important than perhaps it should.

Anyway, just when I thought all hope was lost and was absolutely certain I was destined to spend my summer mornings sipping coffee on an old sheet, reader Diane left a comment that she’d noticed there were suddenly and miraculously exactly two Luna chairs in stock at Article. OMFG.

I didn’t stop to think, I just zipped over to the website, placed my order, paid with PayPal (no time to fetch my wallet), and exhaled. Folks, I have NO IDEA why there were suddenly two chairs in stock—maybe they were returned, maybe someone canceled their order—but I’m choosing to momentarily suspend my atheism out of a newfound belief in the God of Chairs. THANK YOU, CHAIR GOD. THANK YOU, DIANE.

Here’s the catch, though: There were still two chairs listed as being in stock for about 48 hours after I placed my order. So I know this could all fall apart due to a glitch in the inventory or what have you, but it’s been three whole days since I placed my order and no one at Article has emailed me yet to dash my dreams, so…well, what the Chair God giveth, the Chair God taketh away. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Supposedly they’ll be delivered the week of June 19th.

Small Patio Plan -

In the name of tempting fate, I went ahead and put together a little montage of what I’m picturing for my little patio/porch hangout.

1. Luna Lounge Chairs / Article
2. Chile Ristra / New Mexico Catalog
3. Rattan Stool / Target
4. Vintage Teak Serving Tray / EMOharra
5. Textured Dot Outdoor Rug / Target
6. Corowa Bell / Target
7. Rattan Lantern / Target
8. Potted Succulents
9. String Lights / Bulbrite

Heavy on the Target, yes, because Target has been NAILING IT lately. By the way, everything I’ve linked to from there in this post is on major sale in the stores right now. I don’t know why the prices aren’t the same online, but I only paid $29 for that rattan stool (which I’ll be using as a side table) yesterday. The outdoor rug (which looks much cooler in person than it does in photos) was a similarly good deal. Oh, and I know those commercial-grade string lights are kind of overkill for such a small space, but I bought them in 2014 with the intention of putting them up in the Newburgh garden (and never got around to it…sigh), so I’d rather put them to use than continue to have them sit in storage. If the string is too long, well…I’ll figure it out.

Let the countdown to the week of June 19th begin!

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