Custom made Interior Plantation Window Shutters
High Quility Plantation Shutters

Interior plantation shutters adding natural style, superb practicality, and increased comfort to your home------Call 08707 545 300 or from your mobile-

We know that you will want your home to be warm on cold days and cooler on hot ones. You would like to be able to allow just the amount of light in that you want, from low winter suns to blazing summer skies. At the same time, we understand that security and privacy will be important to you and your family.

We are sure you will welcome our practical Shutterworld solutions, matching the style, moods and needs of each individual room, in a way that allows you to live your life in the way you want. Take time to appreciate our huge selection of carefully crafted interior plantation shutters, ones that can fit any space and add so much to each window, any glass door, and every room.

Two powerful reasons why we find that people like you are choosing interior plantation shutters

• Traditional curtains tend to offer an all-or-nothing solution to allowing light into any room. They can also mask heat from radiators and keep the temperature lower than you’d wish – or increase your heating bill to compensate. Many people also hate that moment when you have to take them down for expensive cleaning – often leaving bare windows for several days.

• Interior plantation shutters allow that vital control of sunlight – and can even let some moonlight shine through a bedroom window to help with natural sleep patterns. The ability to control each shutter individually allows you both to protect your home and family from prying eyes or exterior noise, and manage the level of light across each room. They are also so easy to clean and a real boon for anyone who suffers from dust allergies.

Designed to fit, styled to impress, tailored to your needs

From the contemporary to the traditional, muted hues to vibrant colours, and able to fit all angles or arches, those awkward bay and corner windows or skylights, these are a perfect choice to add so much to a conservatory, or any glass door. Our Shutterworld interior plantation shutters can be created to perfectly match your individual needs, and we provide a comprehensive warranty against either warping or discolouration.

Available in stylish MDF, terrific white teak, and valuable waterproof options for kitchen or bathroom, these strong and long-lasting options, created by our industry-leading craftsmen, add so much to any room. You might choose to add some of our superb extras such as remote control, roof catches, security bolts, pull handles, blackout blinds to aid sleep, and more.

How can we help in your home?

Our experienced team would love the chance to find out how you would like our products to add much either to a single room or throughout your home. We are also happy to answer your questions and offer hassle-free expert design advice. Simply call 08707 545 300 and one of our friendly team will be able to advise you further.

Alternatively, as you browse our website, you will find convenient forms to fill in to request a brochure, ask for an online quotation, and you will find out so much more about these terrific additions to the style, comfort, and security of your home.